Canungra Task 1

October 4th, 2009

By 8:30 the clouds had popped and it was blowing up the face at Beechmont. After a fairly frantic collection of our flying paraphernalia for the day we set off up the hill.

A couple of punters and a hangie were already in the air by the time most of us arrived at launch. With no time to stuff around a task was promptly set and alternate launch opened.

Beechmont > Boonah T > Croftby > Moogera was set. 88km.

The Dusty’s all scored great launch positions in the top 20. We all launched early which gave us the opportunity to take the first start gate high. Many of the top guys were suck over launch after not picking up the easy ticket out that we scored.

Sitting out at the start gate, I was in great position to see who was taking the first gate and who was planning to wait around for the second. Rohan, Ricky, Conrad, Kiero, Cam, Neil, Warren, Barnsie and Dave are nicely setup to take the first. After hanging back for a while to ensure that there were no false starters among them we charge off for the Kerry Valley.

We bounce along until the other side of Mohammad (Mount) where Rohan and many of the other guys dive in low into a big shaded area. Barnsie, Dave, Conrad, Kiero and I stay further north to try and get around the shaded area that was now covering all of the “Locked Gate Valley” which lies right along course line.

This diversion took us almost 10km off course line. This proved to be a very slow option as the guys we had just bypassed had now climbed out and were able to track directly for the turn point as the clouds along course were now starting to disperse.

We were also a little coursious in this area as both Canrad and Kiero were forced to pul out gret saves in order to stay in the air. I took the safer option by staying high but paid the price by being very slow up until the turn point. The other gaggle overtook us.

Barnsie, Dave and I were still together up right to Boonah T. I headed off early an picked up a slow climb over town. Barnsie, climbed higher at the turn point and passed over my head to join a sailplane climbing further along course. Dave, pushed a little hard at this point and was forced to land at Boonah. This was a bugger as Barnsie and I only needed one more climb to 7000ft before we set off on glide 10km to turn point 2 and all the final leg into goal at Moogera Dam.


Lots of happy faces with 20 something in goal. Barnsie should manage about 10th for the day and me in at 16th (or there abouts).

If the first start gate won the Rohan won the day with ricky second. If the guys in second gate were fast enough the Jonny won with Flocky second.

Nice work either way guys!

Tracklogs here

Task 1 Results

Jonny’s also posted a video of the day

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