Wow what a weekend we were just treated to. Dave writes in to tell us all about it:

The pilots who rocked up: Andrew, Barnesy, Dave, Geoff, Guy, Len, Nathan, Peter Dall, Peter Leach, Roger, Stuie and Nic, Trent and of course Steve.

We were faced with a blue inverted sky with SW wind of about 15 km/h. We set a task of Forbes, Narromine, Gilgandra, and once in the air we were greeted with a base of about 4,500ft asl and knew it would be tough. With the low base, one mistake would find yourself on the deck. After a bit of a start that’s exactly what happened to a few of us. Geoff got a great 100km flight in working well with Trent. But Trent, determined to make up for lost air time due to his little touch up at the Forbes comp, pulled out all his tricks and made goal (200km). Nice work mate!! But I was looking forward to having a beer with Terry and your epic retrieve put a stop to that.

Sunday’s sky was looking fantastic. We considered going tail wind flying back our way to Lake George and beyond but retrieve logistics didn’t suit so we decided on a challenging triangle. 160km – Forbes, Grenfell, Eugowra, Forbes.

The air on tow was exciting but thanks to Steve’s skill, doing his best to sedate the ride, we all got up. It was a great scenic task with views over different National Parks on each leg. Great lift and high cloud base contributed to an amazing flight with four of us making it around. So as usual, heaps of airtime, heaps of kilometres flown and a truck load of fun was had by all.

It was good to see the turn up of pilots growing. Stuie and Nic came down from Newcastle in the Fun 220 to set a tandem record. Better luck next time.

Nice work Andrew L for pumping out another 50km.

It was great to see Lenny join us in the last leg of the triangle after 14 months off, flying like he had never had a break at all.

Thanks Terry and Trish for having us stay at Munjal. Thanks Nat for your driving. AND thanks Steve for your time and tugmaster skills.


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