Forbes turns it on again

February 10th, 2009

Another awesome weekend at Forbes. Steve McCarthy writes:

Hi Flyers
Turn up this week end was not high due to a poor forecast, however we still managed to launch at 4pm on Sat day with most flyers landing around Young and one managing to get to the goal paddock at Lake George (well done Attila). Dave May is improving out of site and is now one of the best pilots in the world on tow and off tow is putting in consistant, impressive flights in average conditions. Sunday saw Peter Leach towing in his new glider and Rodger Lynch completed his aerotow endorsement. A bit of air to air photography was done using the Dragon Fly as the camera platform, and the very brave Liz as the photographer. Thanks Liz.   I dropped Mark a long way up wind in his Sonic to give him plenty of thermal time and still allow a landing back at the field but it didn’t quite work out as planed. Sorry Mark, hope we have better conditions so you can have a better flight next time.
Shorter goal tasks were set for Sunday to allow pilots to get home at a reasonable time with most setting goals in the home direction.
Thank you Bill and Brendon for your assistance over the weekend and thank you to the flyers who showed up despite the less than ideal forecast. Thankyou Pete and Dave for putting up the crew in Canberra on Sat. night.
Finally a HUGE THANKYOU to the partners who put up with the heat, all the hanger talk, dust storm Brendon, drove car shuffles and retrieved smelly pilots for us.
Next Forbes Aerotow will be Sat. Sun. 21st 22nd
Regards, Steve.

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